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Whether hauling aggregate, pipe, heavy equipment or hotshot loads, we have the truck to meet your needs.
C&S has been serving the Oil and Gas industry since January of 2005. During that time, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have the resources and professionalism to meet our clients needs.

Whether trying to bring a well back into production, pulling standing valves, bumper springs and plungers, or cutting wax or setting tubing stops, we have the equipment to meet your production needs. We operate rigs that are capable of swabbing up to
We have a great group of employees who understand both the oil and gas aspects of the industry. Whether it is gauging tanks, maintaining top performance out of a seperator or dehy unit, or runining plunger programs or coordinating oil hauls, we have the experience to produce your well.

> Hauling Aggregate, Pipe or Heavy Eqpt.
> Swabbing & Wireline
> Pumpers
> Belly Dumps
> Flat Bed Trailers
> Trucks
> Gauging Tanks
C & S employs full-time professionals to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Our first priority is for all employees, clients and contractors to return safely to family, friends and life at home. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy concerning drugs or alcohol. C & S employees are required to have a minimum PPE suit of hardhat, eye protection, safety toe footwear and FRCs. Each day begins with a Tailgate Safety Meeting and completion of a JSA. All employees are required to carry and maintain H2S monitors. Employees have been trained on the cause and effect of H2S, and we understand the dangers that are associated. Where needed, air packs are provided and used.


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